Unique Designs - Below are some examples of past commissions and one off designs that have sold.

If you would like a commissioned piece creating please email Maria.

cutom lace corset victorian wedding dress
cutom lace corset victorian wedding dress
1920s custom flapper dress, gothic style
custom plus size gothic dress custom tweed skeleton gothic corset
custom plus size gothic dress custom plus size gothic dress
stripe evening dress
skeleton dress rocket raccoon costume
pink elsa dress
snoopy tie shirt vintage poster shirt
star trek shirt tattoo print tie shirt
custom tweed and leather waistcoat, chap, steampunk
custom stripe waistcoat, steampunk, gothic
custom gothic skulls shirt
rumplestiltskin waistcoat
gothic evil queen custom costume
mens custom gothic trousers
mens custom alternative shirt mens custom alternative trousers
mens custom alternative waistcoat mens custom alternative jacket
lace great gatsby flapper dress
borgias renaissance dress
custom alternative dress mens custom gothic shirts
custom lace collars
flapper headband and organza boa skull feathers fascinator
russian medieval dres accessories, russian, medieval outiftAccessories for Russian Fairytale outfit - lace crown, spats & hip purse.
avengers full circle dress merlin morgana outfit
bespoke cocktaildress polka dot cocktail hat

bettie page leopard print corset


unique skullduggery dress, gothic, rockabilly

custom wool, fleece and satin cape coat
womens gothic alexander henry print, satin, corset ties waistcoat
custom unique alexander henry gothic skulls waist coat
unique custom rockstar alexander henry skulls jacket
hung organza boas, unique commission
custom wedding hat peach petticoat
custom corset coat, gothic
custom corste coat, alexander henry
custom glam rock flames skirt cherries rockabilly dress
black satin & lace dress polka dot and satin dress
custom shirt, alexander henry custom cocktail hat and choker burlesque
custom pill box hat custom cocktail hat sailor style
stripe belly dance top mini top hat & purse for bride camilla
unique head dress fascinator burlesque custom military hat
lace gothic shrug mermaid skirt by emeraldangel
pvc flame skirt polka dot satin dress
fur & embroidery jacket polka pvc handbag
eye patch lady starduzt pvc pinstripe trousers
fluffy furry leg warmers cyber fur jacket
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