Modelling for EmerladAngel

We are always looking for new faces to model our designs :) Unfortunately we rarely have time to set up photoshoots ourselves, so we normally lend out designs to models who have shoots booked or would like to set up a shoot themselves.

New models will initially be required to send through a deposit for samples, which will be sent back once samples are returned in as received condition.

In return all our models get a lifetime discount of 15% in our store as well as credits / links to their site etc. We also occasionally offer photo samples at very low prices if a model particularly likes a sample they've modelled.

Using your Emerlad Angel Design photos: I have a very strict rule that any photos showing any of my designs are fully credited to EmeraldAngel, with a link to my site where possible. Sorry but if this rule isn't adhered to then I just won't be able to work with that model again.

If you're interested in modelling please send through your details inc size / measurements and a few pics to Maria.

Our Gorgeous Models!

lily l'amoreLily L'amore zoe lilith fortuneZoe Lilith Fortune

Lil Goth FaeryLil Goth Faery

kirsty thewlisMachiko

Ophelia Darkness

model lexi S ExxAlexandra Lexisexx Lee


nitr0gene modelNitr0gene
model ciciCici Von Crypt o'prez modelO' Prez
jude modelThanks to the beautiful Jude! :) sophieHuge thank you to Sophie -the original EA Model! xx
billy modelThanks to Billy! Friend of EmeraldAngel!  



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