Zombie Girl Cigarette Case / Wallet

pin up model zombie psychobilly cigarette cae wallet

pin up model retro rockabilly cigarette case

Zombie Girl, Pin Up Model, Psychobilly, Horror Cigarette case / Wallet.

Case opens through a side push device.

Solid metal but lightweight and easy to carry around.

Inside the case is enough room for items such as: Business cards, credit cards, cash, etc.. or it can fit a two rows of 10 smokes each for a total of 20 regular sized cigarettes.

The case will also easily hold an Apple IPOD Nano and earphones.

The size of the case is 9.5cm tall by 8 cm wide closed by 1.6cm deep.

The inside of the case has two spring loaded catches to keep your stuff in place!

Product Ref: eacig08
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