Furry Hood Scarf, Snood

furry hood scarf

furry hood scarf

Fur and Fleece Hood Scarf or snood as some people call them.

These are super warm!

Reversable too! One side fleece the other fur.

Create your own version by mixing and matching fur and fleece colours!

Can be fastened at the front for maximum warmth, which also means that you don't need to wrap the scarf around to keep it on. :)

Long furry scarf to wrap around you, or can hang center front when fastened.

Colours available - Fleece: Black, Purple, Red, White, Baby Pink.

Colours available - Fur: Black, Purple, Red, White, Baby Pink.

One Size

Emeraldangel Original Design

Professionally Handmade in the UK

Delivery - This item is made to order, normally despatched within 4 working days, but during very busy periods can take up to 14 days to be despatched. Please feel free to email us to find out what our delivery schedule is at the moment.

Product Ref: ea495

Thank you to Photographer Katariina Jarvinen at Light Trick Photography& model Kirsty Thewlis

Fleece Colour
Fur Colour
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